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What is the difference between Sybase, DB2 and ORacle?

Nov 29th, 2006 22:32
Dinh Son, Neeraj Chaurasia,

The main Difference between Sybase,DB/2 and Oracle is following:
Sybase's tools are much easier to use and they always seem to work.
Sybase products are generally perceived within the database
administrator (DBA) community as very reliable and easy to maintain,
particularly compared to Oracle. Any move from Sybase to other DBMS
(database management system) have got to be justified in terms of the
current level of dissatisfaction with Sybase and the level of desire to
use other.
Sybase is fairly modular and has a simple syntax. Contrast this with
Oracle where, in most cases, you require a third-party product to allow
the DBA to reduce his/her workload. Perhaps that may be a reason why
TOAD, a non-Oracle product, is the most popular GUI interface for 
DB2 & Oracle are very competitive in my opinion. Oracle has more
mindshare, third-party support, and features than DB2 does. DB2 is
slightly more primitive, but also simpler and cheaper. DB2 also has
some very high-end scalability capabilities if you're in the data
warehousing world.