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where you can find hand-painted stock oil paintings

Mar 19th, 2007 23:09
chen wuhan, Jack Xiao, www.angelartco.com

supply handed ornament business oil painting reproduce service (mand 
in China)
 Xia Men Aegean Oil painting Manufacture Co.,Ltd engages in the hand -
making of original oil painting ,the facsimile of oil painting for 
decoration,the collection and package of works and the making and  sale 
of  variety of oil paintings.We follow the distillate culture of 
art,both domestic and overseas. Our company has several original oil 
painting workshops,and we offer the services of hand-made oil painting 
making and process for painting dealers , decorate 
companies,hotels,entertainment sites, galleries and import&export 
companies ,etc. We offer the customers the most efficient and 
satisfactory services,complying with the idea that "good quality of the 
works and loyal work style" .
       Originality Environment:
       Our company locates in Xia Men,China,which is a beautiful world-
class garden city ,full of romantic and artistic atmosphere and  also 
famous as "the island of aigrette".Here is a world-class  originality 
environment  for artistic works and the city  also has  one of the 
largest oil painting making base,which now has formed a flow system 
after several year develpement,including the supply chain of  raw and 
processed materials,the making,process ,the deal of the works of oil 
painting .  The   advantaged environment and the several elaborate 
special workshop offer our company  a good  originality environment  . 
    Originality Support:
    Our company insists on consideration of persons primarily and pays 
much attention to the development,training and arrangement of human 
resource.We have many painters of different styles joining 
us,meanwhile,we keep closely communication and cooperation with the 
excellent originators of local art colleges and we also energetically 
give opportunities to painters to be trained and communicate 
together.,which enable our originality inspiration to update constantly 
and offer supports for the originality of us.
    Originality Feature :
    Our main work is no-framne oil painting for decoration .We offer 
the services of oil painting facsimile, originality design and frame 
selection  in accordance with  the requirement of customers.The order 
works  including portraiture,  true-life oil painting, abstract oil 
painting , decorative oil painting ,flower,animal,sea scenery,garden 
scenery,street scenery and storefront oil painting, classical 
character,classical scenery,classical still life, impressional 
character,scenery,still life,garden,inside scene oil painting, etc.And 
we also lay stress on the creation and promotion of  original works.
     Originality Management:
     Our company comply with the loyal work style,use the unique 
management idea to manage and create.We pay much attention on each 
work ,controling  the quality ,trying to meet the request of the 
customers and orient the reasonable price.Meanwhile,we submit high self-
request  of the efficiency of our works and we guarantee to provide 
efficiently  works with good quilty and reasonable price to  our 
customers. Loyalty, Originality,Quality,Efficiency is our promise to 
      Art has no national boundaries, and originality has also no 
national boundaries.Let oil painting joint us.
     We are looking forward to recceiveing your letters and calls and 
also hope honestly to communicate with friends from both domestic and 
overseas and create nice future together.
Contact Information:
Bussiness TEL: (86)592-8883980
FAX: (86)592-5126853
Contact with£şMr Chen
Email:  [email protected]   or    [email protected]
MSN:  [email protected] 
SKYPE:  whch80