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Can somebody give me some tips on skin care in winter?

Mar 14th, 2008 20:57
ha mo, Vikram Singh, Shivali Vipradas, Sitwat Khalid, http://www.shantiananda.com

Hi Sitwat,
Care from within is as important as care from outside. Eat warm, 
freshly cooked food, drink warm water, light tea and juices. Also keep 
exercising to generate heat within the body. Apart from this, remove 
all traces of make-up in the night with the help of a gentle cleanser, 
and moisturize it before going to sleep. Eat healthy fats such as olive 
oil or clarified butter. Nourish yourself with soaked almonds. Avoid 
chemical based hard soaps, instead use a paste made of chickpea flour 
with milk. This will preserve the oil content in your body.
Shivali Vipradas