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How can I print marketing materials for direct mail on a budget?

Apr 23rd, 2007 10:49
James Dointer,

Plain and simple. Postcards not only are effective marketing tools they
are inexpensive and cheap to mail. As long as a postcard is 4.25x6 or
smaller it qualifies for a special Postal rate from the post office.
Printing information provided by the full color printing experts Sac
Digital: http://sacdigital.com for more information about printing in
color and postcard printing visit SacDigital.
Postcards have many different options for printing and different
finishes (if you are printing them with a 4 color offset press.) You can
have a really glossy finish (UV coating) or a semi-gloss (AQ coating) or
a dull finish (Matte or Velvet coating.) Before taking you file to the
printer make sure to ask how the job is printed and what your options
are on the coating. If the printer doesn't understand your question or
tell you that they do not coat their jobs, run away. They are not a full
color press house and the quality of the job will suffer greatly.