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What is viewsat ?

May 2nd, 2007 02:13
Taksh Verdhan, http://viewsat.blogspot.com/

Viewsat has taken to FTA market by storm and the quality and name has
gone along way since 1995 the Viewsat VS2000 Platinum has become a well
loved name to many in the Free to Air hobby, this one receiver has
overwhelmed us in the number of sales and broken all expectations. Since
then the new model the Viewsat VS2000 Xtreme was launched in January
2006 it has been another great success story for viewsat. As of
September 2006 Viewsat have brought the new Viewsat Lite to the Canadian
Market , this cute little addition to the Viewsat lineup brings a great
second receiver to those already owning a Viewsat or those that want to
get their feet wet into FTA and have a lower budget, also the new
Viewsat PVR7000 comes to the market at just the right time for the
higher end market. Viewsat still manufacturer their classic Viewsat
VS2000 Platinum. All viewsats in stock and are all shipped from our
Ontario warehouse. We also carry the popular sonicview line of Free to
air products.