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Why do Basements Leak?

Sep 9th, 2008 18:14
John Martin, Taksh Verdhan, Rajvir Singh, Joseph Then, http://www.jaipurtravels.com/

Why do Basements Leak?
One of the problems that frustrate homeowners are leaky basements.  
Many basements become waterlogged due to common flooding, however you 
might also be interested to know that the majority of basement leaks 
are do to common forces that occur underneath and around your basement 
foundation.  Here is information on why basements leak.
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Many times a basement leaks if there is lots of rain, your home is on 
a slope or in a low area or there is lots of snowfall.  If you find 
that your basement is leaking during all times of the year and not due 
to the common flood, hydrostatic forces are probably at work.
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Hydrostatic forces are the process of water being pushed up against 
your concrete or stone foundation as the water level rises and falls.  
Most people don't realize that concrete is porous and when hydrostatic 
forces push against the basement foundation, it forces water to seep 
through the basement floor causing your basement to become water 
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Another way basements leak is through capillary action.  Capillaries 
are tiny crevices inside basement walls.  If your basement is made 
from cinder blocks or other materials, your basement walls can be 
hollow, allowing water to seep in and build up.  Once water is built 
up in your water, they seep through to the inside through crevices and 
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It is important to first understand why basement leaks to come up with 
strategies to stop the basement leaks and seepage.
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Basement Sealer
It is extremely frustrating when you find that your basement is wet 
and leaking. Many people store valuable items in their basement or 
furnish it to house their home office.  A leaky basement can cause 
lots of damage and health risks including black mold and mildew.  Here 
are some tips on basement sealers.
Basement sealers are one of the easiest ways to waterproof your 
basement.  Basement sealers are products that you or a contractor can 
usually brush onto the foundation walls of your basement to protect it 
against water seepage.
It should be noted that basement sealers are not a permanent solution 
and pretty much a band aid type fix.  Many homeowners who apply 
basement sealers need to keep up with constant maintenance to prevent 
water leakage and seepage from occurring.
Basement sealers come in a variety of products which include sealers 
that are brushed on similar to polyurethane.  There are sealers in the 
form of corks that require you to make holes in the concrete in order 
to pump sealing agents into the wall.  Basement sealers, although not 
the perfect solution, can stop the occasional leak and seepage and are 
very affordable and easy to apply.   If you are looking to stop the 
some types of basement leaks and wall seepage, look into basement 
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Drain Tile
Drain Tiles are one of the best ways to stop basement leakage in your 
home.  Drain tiles are usually considered the best way to prevent 
water from leaking into your basement from the floor due to 
hydrostatic forces or seeping through your walls due to capillary 
action.  If you are interested in stopping basement leaks, here is 
some information on drain tiles.
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A drain tile is a much better solution than waterproofing your 
basement.  Basement leakage usually occurs due to natural forces that 
push water against porous concrete in your basement causing water to 
flow up through the basement floor.  A drain tile alleviates the 
forces and removes water away from the basement.
A drain tile is usually created from inside the basement.  A 
contractor breaks through about a 2 x 2 foot hole in your basement and 
builds a trench alleviating the hydrostatic forces.  They then install 
a drain or pipe that captures water and then removes it away from the 
basement.  Filter rock and other materials are used to capture water 
and bring it towards the drain, where it is quickly taken away from 
the basement.  
Where basement sealers are considered temporary fixes, drain tiles are 
usually your best bet for a dry basement.  Drain tiles can cost 
several thousand dollars to install but if you want to have a dry 
basement they are absolutely worth it.
Ways to Waterproof Your Basement
If you are a home owner trying to remove water from a leaky or flooded 
basement, you know how frustrating water removal can be.  For 
basements that do not have leakage problems yet, waterproofing is a 
great preventive measure.  Here are a number to waterproof your 
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One of the most common ways to waterproof your basement is to use a 
basement waterproof sealant.  Waterproof sealants are an extremely 
easy and affordable way to help prevent water leakage and seepage.  
Most waterproof sealants can be easily brushed on like paint and can 
last for at least a year or two.  Waterproof basement sealants are 
easiest way for do it yourselves to prevent water leakage and seepage 
in their basements.
Another way to waterproof your basement is by installing a drain 
tile.  Most people will need to hire a contractor to install the drain 
tile.  A drain tile is a trench built underneath or around the 
basement which can help reduce the forces that cause water leaks as 
well as help remove water away from your home.  
Installing a drain tile takes lots of work and is not for beginners or 
intermediate do it yourselves. If you are experiencing a leaky 
basement or seepage through your basement walls, look into the above 
suggestions on the ways that you can waterproof your basement.
Simple Tips for Preventing a Leaky Basement
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If you are a home owner and trying to prevent your basement from water 
leaks and seepage, there are many precautions that you can take to 
keep water away from your home.  Here are some simple tips for 
preventing a leaky basement.
One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of basement flooding and 
leakage is to capture water and remove it away from your home.  
Usually this can be done with clean and efficiently working drainage.  
Most people have gutters that collect water and then remove it from 
their home, make sure these gutters are clean and working properly.
It is also smart to make sure that the area surrounding your basement 
foundation is sloped upwards, making sure that water moves away from 
the foundation.  You can easy landscape your property to cause water 
to flow away from your home instead of creating pockets and puddles 
that can contribute to basement flooding.   
Another tip is that your basement windows should not be blocked by 
bushes or other items.  If your basement is very humid, it can cause 
lots of dangerous mold growth.  You should open your windows from time 
to time to air out and dry out your basement, especially if it has 
leaking issues.  If you are trying to prevent a leaky basement, follow 
the above simple tips.http://linkexchange-7.blogspot.com/
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