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Which software testing suits my customized software?

May 13th, 2008 08:10
i can do it, Maneet Puri, http://www.dayrobinsonservices.com

Testing is the last milestone before the project is implemented on the
site, it’s the last but one of the most important & critical stage of
deploying a software. There are various techniques of testing an
application, and depending upon type of software you have developed will
decided which testing technique(s) you may opt for testing your
software. The testing techniques that can be used for testing software
are as listed below: - 
a)Black Box Testing – In this technique functional aspects of software
are tested and person testing does not know how functionality has been
implemented and does not even need to know the programming language.
This technique is also referred as functional testing.
b)White Box Testing – This technique gives a call for a tester to know
how functionality is implemented and he/she accordingly chooses the test
data. Thus in this case the tester needs to know the code to test the
exact output.
c)Integration Testing – Here all modules are tested together in
integration with each other to identify overall output of the software.
d)Performance Testing – This is technique is also refereed as stress or
load testing, and it means testing a software with the maximum load to
evaluate its compliance with the performance requirement.
e)Usability Testing – This is done by someone who knows what input
software would need to generate the required output. The objective to
evaluate how easy to use the software is when it comes to take a series
of input from user and accordingly generate the desired output.
Now the question comes, which one technique(s) should I opt to test my
software? If we go by good software development practices it says any
software should go thru all these testing techniques before it is
implemented. But depending upon the size of the software and how
extensive it is you may choose a couple of techniques for testing your
software, I suggest every software should at-least be tested using
techniques a, c and e.
Maneet Puri