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Where can i get Jaipur art and crafts information and products?

Nov 4th, 2007 02:52
Jaipur Travels, http://www.jaipurtravels.com/jaipur-travel-guide/jaipur-art-and-craft.html

Jaipur is among the richest city in Rajasthan as far as the fields of
arts and crafts is concerned. Jaipur has created and preserved rich
craft heritage which includes fabulous fabrics in lovely prints,
precious and semi-precious stones, Kundan Meenakari Jewellery,
embroidered leather work, other hand crafted items of wood, ivory, lac,
glass, brass, silver and gold.
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For women there were infinite variety - tie and dye fabrics, embroidered
garments, enamel jewellery inlayed with precious and semi-precious
stones, leather jootis. They put their lives indoors to very good use by
decorating their surroundings - on the walls of their mud-huts were
painted geometric designs as well as simple motifs like flowers and
birds. Also the womenfolk made intricate patterns on floors, shaped
straw and twine to turn into the most beautiful as well as functional
items plus displayed great talent with the needle and thread and paper
When the Rajputs came to dominate this region, it was a period of
constant strife. They were almost always in battle with their
neighboring kingdoms. When a kingdom fell and a new ruler took over, it
was time for change paintings depicting the new ruler's victory; scenes
from the battle and processions of the victorious march were faithfully
reproduced on the walls and handmade paper. Other than the paintings,
the new rulers also influenced the existing crafts of that area. Despite
their love for the battlefield, the Rajputs have been patrons of art and
also their 350 years of contact with the Mughals led to a very strong
influence on their lives and arts. Quite a few folk arts received the
refinement and delicacy of the Mughal courts. They borrowed freely from
the Agra and Delhi courts and in some cases, also sent theirakilled
craftsman to adorn the Mughal courts.
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