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How can I pass information from a membership database (text file) into the Chat Client. Using PHP?

Feb 20th, 2008 22:46
dman, Matt Gregory, QA TR, Ben Udall, http://www.ttnr.org

Sounds like you need to write a txt database driver for your particluar 
text database format, or consider making your text file CSV style and 
use the CSV parse function(s) to read the information.
You can open and use a text databse by using the standard f<func> 
functions (fopen, fread, fwrite etc...).  You can insert any strings 
you read from your files directly into whatever php you are working 
with.  If you chat client is java/javascript then you must use java to 
do this, you can't make live changes to a chat client without hitting 
the server (refreshing the applet).  That would be a bit more tricky.