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Does Indian KPO Industry Hold Equal Potential As In The BPO Sector?

Jan 31st, 2008 09:48
dman, Sussanta Sahoo, http://sturly.com

The Indian KPO industry is slowly transforming into a global force as
revealed by some encouraging survey reports from global agencies.
Surveys held by different agencies indicate that India is poised for
giant leap in the global KPO services. The report by Global Sourcing
says that Indian KPO industry would account for almost 70% of the global
KPO services. It says that by the year 2010, the Indian KPO market will
reach USD 17 billion alone out of USD 17 billion on a global scale. As a
result of this phenomenal growth, the number of KPO professionals in
India will shoot to an estimated 250,000 by the end of 2010.
Maneet Puri