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What are all of the different types of bets?
How can I bet?
How many different types of bets?

Dec 27th, 2007 03:18
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Meaning of Proposition bet
A prop bet is a bet the SB offers at odds and conditions of its
choosing. Prop bets can be exotic bets like which team will score the
most touchdowns, which team will shoot the most three pointers, which
running back will rush for the most yards, etc. Most prop bets are
offered at 11-10 odds, but some of the exotics will be offered at better
or worse odds, depending on the bet.
Money Line Bets
			Dallas		-170
			Washington 	+150
What this means is that for every $17 you bet on Dallas, you win $10 if
they win. For every $10 you bet on Washington, you win $15 if they win.
This is the way SB's make money off games by not giving points.
Spread Bets
These are the standard bets to  asically a proposition bet at
11-10 odds where the conditions are you give or take points on the team
you are betting on hoping that the modified total of your teams score
beats the other teams straight score. Bets on the spread are often know
as straight bets because they pay even money (minus the 10% vig).
			Tampa Bay	+19 1/2
			Miami		-19 1/2
This means that if you bet on Miami, Miami needs to score at least 20
more points than Tampa to cover. If you bet on Tampa, the score must be
at least within 19 for you to win. The bottom team is almost always the
home team.
Over/Under Bets
These are also 11-10 bets on what the total of the game will be. If the
total posted on a game is 39 1/2 points, then you can wager that the
total score of both teams added together will be either over or under
the posted total. Betting the over is known as "betting on the ball",
betting under is known as "betting on the clock".
			Chicago		-5 1/2 	-180	1:00 pm
			Atlanta		+5 1/2	+150	42 1/2
This gives the money line, the point spread, and the total for the game.
It also tells you that Atlanta is the home team, and the game starts at
1:00 pm. As far as I know, this is the standard posting at mosts Books.
A parlay bet is betting on the outcome of two or more events, and
getting higher odds than betting on the outcome of both events. The
drawback is that the odds aren't right and that you must win all of the
events to win the parlay.
		# of plays	Standard Odds	True Odds	
		----------	-------------	---------
		2 plays		    13-5	   3-1
		3 plays		    6-1		   7-1
		4 plays		    10-1	   15-1
		5 plays	    	    20-1	   31-1
		6 plays 	    40-1   	   63-1	
		7 plays		    80-1	   127-1
The more events parlayed the worse the odds shift in the casinos
advantage. The advantage for the player for parlays lies in the fact
that he can bet more on the same game (spread and over/under) and he can
bet more on two teams who are playing at the same time.
In order to be competitive, some casinos offer ties-win parlay cards.
This greatly helps the player. The Las Vegas Hilton SB is one of these.
A teaser bet is a bet where you can move the spread by a set amount, but
have to pay to do it. You must bet at least two teams like a parlay and
win both. You can move the spread by on all the games by the set amount.
Football Teasers
	# of teams	6 pts		6 1/2 pts	7 pts
	----------	-----		---------	-----
	2 teams		11-10		5-6		5-7
	3 teams		8-5		3-2		6-5
	4 teams		5-2		2-1		9-5
	5 teams		4-1		7-2		3-1
	6 teams		6-1		5-1		4-1
Basketball Teasers
	# of teams	4 pts		4 1/2 pts	5 pts
	----------	-----		---------	-----
	2 teams		11-10		5-6		5-7
	3 teams		8-5		3-2		6-5
	4 teams		5-2		2-1		9-5
	5 teams		4-1		7-2		3-1
	6 teams		6-1		5-1		9-2
Buying a half point
You can shift the spread a half point in your favor by laying 6-5 odds
instead of the standard 11-10. This is called buying a half point. You
usually want to stay away from this bet except on three point spreads on
football games. This is also know as "buying the hook".
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