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set the putenv(NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1), but when i insert via the php scipts chars like "" oracle get them as "|{}",same sqlplus ok

Apr 27th, 2004 23:46
Eyzen Medina, Guest,

Hi, this will not work. You have to do 2 configurations task
I will explain a sample with Oracle in Linux. I do this one year ago 
and works.
First you have to edit the file
Put this twoo lines and remove if allready exists the VARS 
The other task it's put in the oracle user (The DB Oracle User) the var 
NLS_LANG in the .bash_profile file.
After that, restart oracle.
I was restared the linux too. :)
This method works me at this time, the linux machine was using oracle 
9i first version.
I hope tha's help you.