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How can I Play Poker?
What are the methods for playing poker?
How to play poker?

Dec 26th, 2007 23:05
Marc Twin, John Mathu, Joye Thams, http://www.pokerstarsnetwork.com http://www.onlinepokerreviewdirectory.com http://pokerwebsitereview.blogspot.com/

There are following tips for playing Poker:
 Tips for Poker Playing
1. Limit play to only the best starting hands.One of the biggest and mot
common mistakes made by novice poker players is to play most of the
hands they are deal. The top expert poker players, amazingly enough,
only play about 20-30% of their starting hands.
2. Play selectively. Expert players understand when to avoid committing
chips to a hand. They also understand when it is in their best interest
to play aggressively in order to get more money in the pot. Passive
poker players, on the other hand, win only when they are holding the
best cards at the showdown.
3. Study the other competitors. In online poker, body language doesn`t
exist, but when playing face-to-face poker, study the actions of the
other players and you`ll earn an advantage. Even when playing online,
some poker rooms allow you to watch a table before actually joining in
the game; even this allows you to learn something about the playing
style and skills of those at the table.  
4. Position is power; use it. Being seated at the table in a position
that allows you to act after other opponents is extremely valuable
because you can gather a great deal of information about other player`s
hands while letting almost no information about your cards become known
to other players. When you have a choice, position yourself so that you
act last and avoid placing yourself where you must act first.  
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