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To configure a qmail server to only send a newsletter and not accept any remote mail, or replies to the newsletter? Whats the best config?

Sep 7th, 2001 06:42
Frank Tegtmeyer, arie grapa, Matt Herbert, http://www.untroubled.org/qmail-autoresponder/

When sending a newsletter you have to accept at least bounces that come
back from intermediate server. Therefor you have to use an envelope
sender that is a deliverable address. So the question is wrong - the
question is better written as: "how to set up a newsletter that does not
accept submissions by anyone except the owner?".
Why do you have to receive bounces? It's because you are a good network
neighbour then. Every mail you send that cannot be bounced back to you
in the case of being not deliverable ends up in the postmasters mailbox
of some other domain. They will hate you for that and possibly blacklist
your server at their systems or possibly worldwide in case of massive
bounces. Also if you don't receive bounces, how will you know which
addresses of your subscribers are wrong?
To disable command addresses or the newsletter address itself for other
users you may use ezmlm with it's many configuration options. To let
people know that an address does not accept mail you may also use an
autoresponder, for example the one made by Bruce Guenter, available from
Frank Tegtmeyer