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How to Play Bingo ?
How can I win the Bingo?
How do I play Bingo?

Jan 21st, 2008 21:58
John Phillips, http://www.casinovendordirectory.com, http://www.chiefcyberpicks.com, http://www.onlinecasinoreviews1.com

*  Take a bingo card from the host and have a seat.
    * Cover the "Free" space in the center of your card with a marker.
    * Listen as the host calls out a letter and number such as "B-3."
    * Find the "B" column.
    * Look to see if you have a "3" in the column under the "B."
    * Place a marker over the "B-3" if you have it.
    * Listen as the host continues to call out letters and numbers.
    * Place markers over the letter and number combinations that appear
on your card.
    * Yell out "BINGO!" as soon as you cover the numbers in a winning
pattern - usually a straight    line going
    * horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
    * Call out the numbers you`ve marked in your winning pattern when
the host asks you.
    * Collect your prize from the host after the numbers are verified.
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