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What is QBZ?
How to paly QBZ Game Online Free?
What is the Online QBZ Game Scoring?

Jan 24th, 2008 23:03
Dare Rudd, http://www.casinovendordirectory.com/ http://www.skillgameschief.com/ http://www.skillgamesdirectory.com/

QBz is an exciting and absorbing puzzle game, featuring animated
characters and amusing sound effects. They're teensy anthropomorphic
blocks that come in several different colors. You don't want these
strange little creatures populating your board, so it's up to you to get
rid of them by clicking on like-colored, contiguous groups. As you do
so, the remaining QBz will shift into new positions, impelled downward
by gravity and to the right by some other, invisible force. The bigger
the group you dismiss, the more points you get. If you can't get to all
the QBz before the water meter on the side of the screen fills up, you
lose. Also, if you leave some unpaired QBz stranded, the level ends and
you are penalized according to the remaining number. The gameplay in QBz
isn't exactly the most original design in the world, but it definitely
still works. The puzzle game that makes it cool to be square! Click on
and create groups of two or more QBz to clear them from the screen.
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