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What is Zuma Games?
How to play zuma game online?
What is the rules of online zuma game?

Jan 24th, 2008 23:10
Dare Rudd, http://www.casinovendordirectory.com/ http://www.skillgamesdirectory.com/ http://www.skillgamesportal.com/

Zuma consists of three levels with colored stone balls rolling along a
set course. If the orbs reach the end of the course (marked by a golden
skull), an ancient curse ends the game! A warning sound will play when
the orbs get too close to the skull, so pay attention! Aim the stone
frog and left-click to shoot the orb - groups of three or more will be
cleared. A preview of the next orb can be seen through the frog’s back -
switch to that piece by right-clicking. Make your way through the temple
complex in the ancient city of Zuma, using the stone frog idol to defeat
an ancient curse in this thrilling action puzzler! Fire magical orbs to
make sets of three, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're
history. There are also various Bonus pieces which come throughout the
game & you can increase your score by quickly catching these Bonus
pieces and things.
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