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What about the Backgammon game?
How to play Backgammon game?
What is the strategy of Backgammon game?

Jan 24th, 2008 23:20
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Backgammon is a board game for two players in which pieces are moved
according to the roll of dice. The winner is the first to remove all of
her own pieces from the board. Many variants have developed throughout
the world, but most share the same common elements. It is a member of
the tables family of games.
Although the game is essentially a race, backgammon offers a significant
scope for strategy. With each roll of the dice, a player must choose
between numerous options for moving the checkers and plan for possible
counter-moves by his opponent. Opportunities for raising the stakes of
the game introduce more strategic intricacies. Players have developed a
vocabulary for common tactics and occurrences.
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