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What about the Online Mine Sweeper game?
How to play Mine Sweeper Online?
What is the rules of Online Mine Sweeper game?

Jan 25th, 2008 01:40
Dare Rudd, http://www.onlinecasinoreviewsguide.com/ http://www.skillgameschief.com/ http://www.skillgamesdirectory.com/

The main aim of the game is to avoid hitting a mine while placing a flag
on every square that contains a mine. In a treacherous minefield,
navigate and clear your way to victory. Strategy counts, but so does
speed. Click the wrong spot, and you'll send your ship to Davy Jones'
Locker. Each minefield contains a number of mines and number of safe
squares. The larger the minefield, the more mines it will contain.
Start by clicking on any square to reveal an initial group of safe
squares. Each safe square contains a number which indicates how many
mines are next to that square. This number can range from 1 to 8. A safe
square with no number at all has no mines next to it.
Using the revealed numbers, calculate which spaces are safe to click on
- that is, which spaces can't possibly contain a mine - and click on
them to reveal more numbers. Also, calculate which spaces contain a
mine, and flag them.
The highest possible score in Mine Sweeper is 2000 points. This is based
on 1000 points for successfully flagging every mine, and a time bonus of
up to 1000 points.
( SCF - SIF )2 / M2 x ( 2 - TU / TL ) x 1000
* SCF is the number of squares correctly flagged
* SIF is the number of squares incorrectly flagged
* M is the total number of mines
* TU is the time used, in seconds
* TL is the time limit, in seconds
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