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What is the Haunted Mine Games?
What is the play rules of Haunted Mine Games?
What is the Haunted Mine Game Scoring

Jan 25th, 2008 01:50
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The main aim of the game is to collect the treasures, elude the ghost,
and exit the mine before time runs out, in order to advance to the next
level. You're lost in a spooky jewel mine! Unscramble the tracks,
collect the treasures, and escape before the ghost reaches you. It's a
honky-tonk delight, and the most original game of the year!
Your character, Miner Max, always starts in the upper left corner of the
mine. You can move Max by clicking on another section of track, provided
that there is a continuous path to there.
The tracks in the mine are all jumbled and disconnected. In order to
reach different parts of the mine, you will have to move and manipulate
pieces of track. To do so, use icons from the conveyor belt at the
bottom of the screen.
If the ghost reaches you, you will loose points. This penalty escalates
with each attack, but resets at the start of the level:
1st attack of the level -50 points
2nd attack of the level -100 points
3rd attack of the level -150 points
4th attack of the level -200 points
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