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What about the Online Shapetris Game?
How to play Online Shapetris Game?
What is the strategy of Online Shapetris Game?

Jan 25th, 2008 02:55
Dare Rudd, http://www.sportsbabeschief.com/ http://www.skillgamesdirectory.com/ http://www.onlinebingoreviewdirectory.com/

Rotate the falling pieces to fill gaps in your wall. Don't let the wall
reach the top of the screen, or it's "game over"! Four themes to choose
from: ocean, circus, fish tank, and spooky graveyard. Manipulate the
falling shapes to fill in entire rows, which removes the row from the
playing area. Keep the wall of shapes from rising all the way to the top
of the screen.
There are seven different shapes in Shapetris, which represent the seven
possible (two-dimensional) arrangements of 4 squares.
These shapes will begin falling from the top center of your playing
area. You can turn them, and move them left or right.
The playing area is 10 boxes across. When all 10 boxes in a given row
have been filled in by shapes, that row disappears from the playing
area. Note that up to four rows can be removed with the placement of a
single shape.
With each 10 rows you remove, you move up a level, which increases the
speed at which shapes descend.
When the pile of shapes reaches the top of the screen, the game ends.
Try to leave places where each type of shape can be placed without
creating a "hole" in your wall. For example, try to make sure you always
leave a "flat" area at least two columns wide, to make a safe landing
place for the two-by-two shape.
Since you get more points for removing multiple rows at a time, try to
fill in only nine rows, leaving a narrow gap that you can fill in with
the long, narrow shape (the one-by-four shape). This is the only way to
remove four rows with one shape, which is your best scoring opportunity.
Of course, this is a high-risk strategy, and is best-employed early in
the game when the speed of the shapes is still pretty slow!
Since shapes drop from the center of the playing area, try to fill up
the left and right sides during times when everything is under control,
so that if you get into a crunch, you won't need as many keystrokes to
get a given shape into its proper spot.
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