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Who Needs Solar Attic Fan

Jan 26th, 2008 11:52
Assaf Katzir, http://www.onlinesolarpanels.com http://www.alternativeenergybase.com

Solar attic fan is a simple and cost effective solution for a well 
known problem that many home owners are facing every day. Moisture and 
mold destroys slowly but effectively the house infrastructure. Solar 
attic fan can fight this irritating problem.
You are well familiar with the fact that hot air is lighter then cold 
air and therefore goes up. During the day, the sun hit your walls and 
roof, this heat inside your house is aggregated and eventually is 
trapped in your attic which is the highest place in your house and 
this hot energy has nowhere to go. 
That trapped heat in your attic is "great" condition to moisture and 
the development of mold. If you have an attic solar fan then it 
will "push" away all the trapped hot air and helps the humidity to 
spread away and will remove all those optimal conditions to any mold 
Another reason and great advantage for using an attic solar fan is 
that you don't have to deal with wires. This is a huge advantage, 
usually when we have a new electric machine then we have two options: 
  => Wires inside the walls  meaning that we have to open a tunnel 
through the wall. No one likes this option 
  => Wires are seen and exposed on the walls  not elegant and 
absolute compromising way.
So, when you use the attic solar fan, you avoid this annoying problem 
with an elegant solution.
The solar attic fan gets its power from the sun through solar panels 
on the roof 
(http://www.onlinesolarpanels.com/home_solar_panel_kit.htm) which is a 
renewable source of energy 
and has zero usage costs unlike on grid electricity. It is important 
to make sure to use a solar attic fan that provides a constant equal 
pressure of air that will evacuate all vapor and heat from all those 
pockets that it was trapped in.