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How to win at online poker?

Feb 4th, 2008 01:02

The first thing you have to bear in mind is that online poker is 
rigged. The online casino makes it's money by raking or taking part of 
the pot. So the casino rigs games in a several different ways to 
increase their rake.
Here are some simple rules for playing online poker. If you obey them 
you’ll immediately win!
1) Always play any hand and at least take a look at the flop 
especially if you are UTG.
2) If you receive big hole cards (AA, KK, QQ, AKs, etc) be cautious. 
If you flop a monster hand check the board and see if anyone else 
could have the nuts or draw the nuts. If there is a chance of someone 
getting a better hand it will probably happen.
3) Always chase flushes and straights. you will be suprised how many 
you will hit on the river.
4) If you flop a straight or a flush, fold immediately. If you flop a 
straight someone will get a flush and if you flop a flush someone will 
get a full house.
5) If your stack is getting a little short, just push all in. Chances 
are you will win regardless of what you have. You do have to keep in 
mind that someone with a smaller or equal stack may call you though.
Good luck!!!