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Is there any way I run Netscape 3 and Netscape 4.x on the same system? I want to see what my page looks like in both but version 3 overwrote 4.

Oct 24th, 2000 16:51
Tim Powell, Brian Williams, Noelle Canfield,

You should be able to install just about every version of Netscape as 
long as you install each into its own directory. For instance, start 
with a directory called NN. Then create a subdirectory called v3 and 
install version 3 into that. Then create another subdirectory under the 
NN directory called v4 and install version 4. This will work for sub-
versions as well.
Unfortunately this is not true for IE. Thanks to OS integration you 
need a seperate machine to test different versions of IE, or some form 
of emulator.
Note that each version of Netscape is entirely separate. If you have 
any plugins installed for one version that you want to use, you'll need 
to reinstall them for the other.
Hope this helps.