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Looking to create resizable tables based on viewer screen size and amount of text to be displayed. Used on php.net, but can't find code to do this - ?

Oct 1st, 2009 04:34
jsieoa gide, Scott Mandarich, marshal prince, healthy man, dman, ha mo, chris stewart, Dravon Redsong,

To create sizable tables, percentages work wonderful and you won't 
need PHP to do it. The tag <table> can have a width <table 
width="100%"> which will always be the length of the screen. <td> tags 
can have width attributes as well <td width="25%"> they can also have 
<td width="*">. The * (star) will basically fill what ever are needs 
be fit with. It is best to experiment w/ * to see how it works best.
But if your looking for a variable number of the persons desktop size, 
Javascript can do that best.