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How do I choose between .gif and .jpeg?

Mar 11th, 2008 23:39
Michael Henderson, http://www.lexolutionit.com

Gifs are best for images only when there are large flat areas of a
single color, such as a diagram. Gifs can have transparent areas in
them, and can be animated, which a jpeg can't. And Gifs are also limited
to 256 colors.
Jpegs are preferable to gifs for almost any image that isn't a diagram.
Jpegs compress the data very well thus making your picture files
smaller. Though this compression creates inaccuracies, they are seldom
noticeable. In Photoshop, always set your picture quality to 60. This
gives almost no visible quality loss, and it halves the file size. Don't
be give in to the temptation to reduce the quality.
Michael Henderson