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How do I allow users to view the contents of a sub-directory of my document root? I get a permissions error if I attempt this now.

Aug 14th, 2000 17:09
Jason Ross, Bryan W,

Assuming that your subdirectory has web content in it, ( particularly 
an index.html, or whatever you specified as the default document )
Then all you should need to do is make sure that the sub-directory has 
755 permissions, and that the documents in it are world readable.
If the directory does _not_ have web content in it, and you are looking 
to have a directory listing show up, you need to add something like the 
following in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf ( or whatever directory you 
installed the apache web server root to ):
<Directory "/path/to/directory">
   Options Indexes 
   Other configuration options
The key is the Options Indexes statement. That will allow apache to 
give directory listings for the specified directory, which is disabled 
by default.