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~user request responds with 403-Forbidden. What do I have to change to allow user requests to my server?

Jul 4th, 2002 11:57
David Vande Burgt, Joshua Slive, Rick Watts,

403 forbidden access error
When I did a fresh install of Mandrake 8.2 with Apache I got this 
error when trying to access my websites that I had stored on another 
drive. I was upgrading from NT 2000 using IIS 5.0 so I had my original 
websites that were working before stored on another drive.
I spent 3 days looking for a solution to the 403 error I was getting 
when I tried accessing my websites. I had everything setup correctly 
in Apache (at least I thought). And I kept dinking around with my 
virtual server settings. I even changed the path in Apache for my 
default website to make sure it was not a webpage error.
My website pulled up fine when I did this but even though I duplicated 
the settings in my default site with the new Virtual site I created 
for my website I still got a 403 error.
The solution: You need to make the changes in the directives.
Once I added lines to my commonhttpd directive in Apache for my vitual 
server and the path where my websites were located I was then able to 
pull up my websites without this error showing up anymore. I have more 
information about the steps you go through to do this on my website.
I hope this helps others who maybe having the same problem I was.