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Shopping In Jaipur.

Apr 1st, 2009 18:21
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Jaipur Travel Guide Help you in searching on Shopping In Jaipur Jaipur
Shopping Jaipur Shopping places blue pottery Jaipur brass articles
Jaipur enamel work Jaipur cotton and woollen in Jaipur fabrics and rugs
in Jaipur Jaipur exquisite carpets Jaipur leather items Jaipur 
jewellery pieces M.I. Road Jaipur Johari Bazaar Jaipur Rajasthali
Jaipurx Colourful Markets of Jaipur Johari Bazaar Jaipur Jewellery
Market Jaipur CAMEL LEATHER ITEMS Jaipur Jutis Jaipur Mojaris Jaipur
Jaipur Bags Jaipur Sandals Jaipur Jaipur Fabric Jaipur Cloth Textile
Jaipur Jaipur Quilts Jaipur Razai Jaipur Handicrafts Jaipur Handicrafts
Metal Work Jaipur Jaipur Marble Work Woodwork Jaipur
Jaipur is well known for its blue pottery, brass articles, enamel work,
cotton and woollen fabrics and rugs, exquisite carpets, leather goods
and intricate jewellery pieces studded with precious and semi precious
stones. Traditional jewellery � like minakari and kundan work � is
available in fine designs of gold or silver. Minakari has enamel
paintwork while kundan has embedded gems. Jaipur will also mesmerise 
with its brilliant fabrics. Cotton material and Kota saris are 
in different varieties with traditional Sanganeri prints and designs
created using tie-dye methods.
Jaipur offers a wide range of souvenirs that you can gift to family and
friends. You could shop at popular spots like M.I. Road, Johari Bazaar
and Rajasthali, and a few other local markets. It's good to go Shopping
in Jaipur. Get the best deals, learn about the best places to shop in
Jaipur, stop for some finger food, or relax in one of the Jaipur
Restaurants along the city's shopping streets.
The Colourful Markets of Jaipur:
Johari Bazaar or the Jewellery Market is home to shops that deal in
gemstones of both the precious and semi-precious varieties. In the 
of Jaipur, particularly in Haldiyon-ka-rasta, Jadiyon-ka-rasta, and
Gopalji-ka-rasta, you can watch the skilled craftsmen create beautiful
bright pieces of minakari and kundan jewellery. Badi Chupar and M.I.
Road are also popular shopping zones.
A number of handicraft items and other artifacts make Jaipur a 
destination for shopping and its colorful bazaars offer tourists a 
opportunity to shop and enjoy the vibrant culture of the region. 
Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, Chaura Rasta, Tripolia Bazar and M.I.
Raod are some of the areas where one can here shop for jewellery,
beautiful gems, semi precious stones, kundan and minakri work (enamel
work on gold), cotton fabric including sanganeri prints, tie-dye, and
fine kota doria The exotic blue pottery, enamel ware and brass ware,
make excellent souvenirs and gift items. The pink city is also famous
for its woolen carpets, cotton rugs, and leather footwear, specially
embroidered Jootis.
Jaipur is well known for its textiles. The tie and dye (bandhej) 
are very typical of this region. The Sanganeri and Bagru block prints
are the craze these days and the best shops are lined along the Jauhari
Bazaar and Badi Chaupar. The Pink city is also known for producing soft
and warm quilts. Jaipuri razai as it is called is quiet popular and 
Indians touring Jaipur shop for these quilts. Though these quilts weigh
quite a lot they are fairly warm. One can shop for these quilts and 
for antiques and pseudo-antiques at the shops lined across the Hawa 
Rajasthan is world famous for its traditional JEWELLERY since
innumerable years. When talking about Rajasthan, Jaipur is always the
centre of attraction. From centuries, this royal land has been
flourished with precious stones and jewelry. Jaipur is renowned for its
exclusive designs and splendid jewelry. Jaipur bazaars are thrived with
classic tribal jewelry, silver jewelry, beaded jewelry, metal jewelry,
diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry and many more varieties to please you.
While buying metal or classic tribal jewelry from roadside, you can
always bargain. If you are interested, you can watch the craftsmen at
work in Johari Bazaar. Haldion ka Rasta, Gopalji ka Rasta, M.I. Road,
Maniharon Ka Rasta, Johari Bazar, Tripolia Bazar and Surajpol Bazaar 
some of the destinations in Jaipur, which would be a valuable treat for
any woman. While buying jewellery or precious stones, always take a
receipt mentioning the name of the shop, price, gram and carat, from 
CAMEL LEATHER ITEMS of Jaipur: Rajasthan is famous for its leather 
industry. Many a people of different places in Rajasthan are engaged in
the same industry. Leather items like Jutis, Mojaris (slippers), Bags,
Sandals, Shoes and Purses made in Jaipur catch the due attention of the
tourists. In Jaipur, Jutis engraved with "Kashida Kari" (kind of
embroidery) are very popular. This embroidery is done on velvet first
and then the velvet is affixed on the leather Jutis.
Jaipur CARPETS Jaipur is considered as the best city to shop in
Rajasthan, India. This majestic city offers you the best of traditional
Rajasthan. Jaipur is famous for its bright colored fabric and textile.
Tripolia Bazaar, Kishanpol bazaar, Bapu and Nehru Bazaar are the 
markets of Jaipur, where you can find fabrics and carpets. While 
do the best bargain to get quality product at cheap rates. Jauhari
Bazaar is the one of the best markets to buy tie and dye items in 
Jaipur Fabric / Cloth / Textile:
Since innumerable years, Jaipur specializes in providing one of the 
fabrics of the world, properly colored in bright colors. Rajasthan is
famous for its purity of colors and this aspect is further refined by
the uniformity of colors. Well-known for its textiles, Jaipur has a 
collection of block-printed and tie & dyed fabric. Sanganer and Bagru
block printing are the limelight of this group. In tie & dye, Bandhej,
pachranga and lehriya get the main attraction.
Jaipur Quilts and Razai:
Jaipur is well-known for its soft and feather-weight quilts. Don't
underestimate these quilts as they are light in weight, they are warm 
the core. Tourists usually shop for these quilts on their trip to
Jaipur. Moreover, these quilts are not boring like other quilts. 
Razai are available in striking colors with Sanganeri prints, bright
tie-dyed materials, marble prints on cotton and velvet to suit your
mood. You can best buy Jaipuri quilts from the shops located near Hawa
Jaipur Handicrafts:
Jaipur HandicraftsHandicrafts of Jaipur are well-known throughout the
world for their distinctive quality and exclusive variety. Due to this
fact, Jaipur is also recognized as crafts capital of India. The Royal
Family of Jaipur patronized the craftsmen and artisans, which led to 
flourishing of arts and crafts in Rajasthan. If you are an art lover,
Markets of Jaipur offer rich and assorted handicrafts of interest.
The royalty of Jaipur always appreciated variety handicrafts during
their times. Keeping the traditions alive, Jaipur is always active in
providing the best handicrafts of India. Talking about pottery, glazed
blue pottery of Jaipur is very famous. Originated in Persia, this kind
of pottery includes pots, surahis, mugs, jugs, plates, decorative 
and many other things. Blue color in pottery offers a trendy look to 
things. You can always make a good bargain while buying such stuff.
Metal Work:
Jaipur has a decent variety of metal work and it is particularly famous
for its brass work. The brass workers of Jaipur are skilled in infusing
charisma into the dull metal. Lacquered brass and carved brass are two
kinds of work that are done on brass in Jaipur. You can buy statues and
decorative pieces of immaculate quality at a good price from Jaipur 
will add a class to your drawing room.
Marble Work:
This royal city offers the world-class quality of marble work with
intricate carvings. The carvings and portraits, shaped in Jaipur,
procure a great admiration everywhere. In marble work, you can see the
Marble statues of Hindu deities, animals, Human figurines, carved 
bowls and exquisite vases. These are some of the best buys in Jaipur
This pink city has immense variety of handicrafts and to continue the
list, here we have woodwork. The fine quality of woodwork in Jaipur
embraces carved doors, windows, drawer chests, picture frames and 
frames. The delicate handcrafted woodwork of Jaipur has an antique look
as they are crafted on traditional lines.