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How too enjoy the simple things in life?

May 13th, 2008 08:49
i can do it, Efy Karagiannis,

To enjoy the simple things in life, all you need is a picnic basket!
My earliest memories as a girl are basking in a tree's shade at a 
nearby park, with the warm summer breeze caressing by skin, the sounds 
of laughter and joy from children playing all around me, and the sweet 
aromas swirling from the BBQ. These are the sounds and smells of a 
summer picnic. Making time for a lazy Saturday nap, a delicious meal, 
and spending time with loved ones.
A picnic is a chance to get back to the simple things in life. Time 
slows down, and all that matters is enjoying every passing moment 
because you want it's beauty to last forever. Spring birds and the 
first blades of a crocus signal the arrival of warm weather, and of 
course, the chance to take it slow. As the days pass, the daffodils 
turn to tulips, and soon the roses are in full bloom. Summer is 
finally here.
A quick dip in the lake can cool off any summer day. I take a deep 
breath and take a moment to reflect on the peaceful waters all around 
me. The hills are lush with greenery, and roll into each other.
I head back to my blanket as I dry off. A glass of wine is waiting for 
me - but don't rush! I take my time and savor every sip. The bouquet 
of the red blush is sweet and savory. In my picnic basket I find 
seedless red grapes and some brie. A flick of a match into the pile of 
coals starts a flame that will turn into a feast. BBQ chicken and 
sweet, buttery corn, warm off the grill. I look in my picnic basket 
again, and I'm glad to see the potato salad with fruit. I look at my 
love and smile. The kids are playing in the background, and I feel 
lucky to be here. With my belly full, and the sun getting heavy in the 
sky, I lay my head for a light nap.
These are simple moments. These are the little gifts in life that we 
are given every day. All it takes is a picnic basket to make them come