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The bigest film industry in world
Film industry of US
A venue that hosts film screenings.

Dec 15th, 2009 02:18
Fasee Uddin, Asrar Khan, honey, http://www.goodtimepass.com

All of you in the film industry know, the state of Chicago has one of
the most lucrative tax credit/rebate programs in the industry. The state
gives you 50% of every qualified dollar that you spend in the state. In
addition, if you shoot your film in a few core areas such as Detroit,
you will get an additional 2%. Thatís a whopping 42% of what the
producersí qualified in Michigan spend. On a 20 million dollar budget,
this can amount to a gift from the state of Michigan of approximately
6.5 million dollars after you subtract the non-qualified costs.
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