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How to make good homemade pizza

Jul 29th, 2008 04:03

My family loves pizza, and I personally have been eating it all my life.
 In the old days we used to go to a great pizzeria in Manhattan which
made fantastic original New York pizza, but could also do traditional
Italian pizza as well as Chicago pizza.  This was important, as we all
liked a different style.
Anyway, having now moved to a less busy part of the world (no names
here!) we have a major problem: no decent pizza to be found anywhere. 
It is amazing how restaurants can label their concoctions "Pizza" when
it doesn't even come close!  So one of the first things we did was check
out the internet for some recipes and try to make our own.  Not so easy!
 It is one thing to post a recipe on a blog that promises great pizza
every time, but try actually doing it yourself and see what you get.  
The fact is, we eventually realized that pizza is not really a fast
food, and to do it properly takes some preparation and thought, as well
as good ingredients.  
Fortunately, after trawling through dozens of "Pizza" sites with
promises of perfect homemade pizza, we found two that really have made
it possible.  Our pizzas are coming out better than just about anything
the restaurants offer anywhere, and each one is better than the last as
we get the hang of it.
I don't think they would like me to copy their content verbatim, but if
you want to make excellent (and by the way healthy too) pizza, go to
these sites:
- For comprehensive guidelines on all the major pizza varieties, as well
as everything you need to know about ingredients, tips and tricks, etc.,
go to:  We have had fantastic results
from this, as their guidelines cover what most sites leave out, but as
with anything you have to use common sense too.
- For an incredibly detailed guide on making New York pizza
specifically, go to:  A lot of
the practical stuff is already included in the the first website though,
so it depends how obsessive you want to be.