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How can I be a SEM expert?

Oct 1st, 2008 13:17
Search Engine Optimization, Inc., http://www.seoinc.com/

Becoming an "expert" in any endeavour takes time, patience, and
research; Search Engine Marketing is no different!  
Here are a few simple checkpoints along the way to get you started:
Be Web Savvy - Such a broad statement but it's true! If you know the ins
and outs of the internet you have a better understanding of all the
resources available to you; with this comes the insight on how these
sites/services interact with each other as well the people using them. 
Example: What is Digg.com?  What do people use it for? Can I use it to
market my brand/service/site, and how?
Know the Industry - Regardless of whether you are doing SEM for yourself
or someone else, research how industry peers are marketing their sites.
 Better yet, look at the major "authorities" in the field and study how
they operate. How are they connecting with other sites as well as end
users?  Are there any governing bodies or associations that you can join?  
Look at your top ranking peers (or competitors) operating under the same
business model as you and ask some simple questions: Who are they
associated with?  Where are they getting links?  Are there smaller,
"niche" industries within yours that you can make a connection with?
Learn from other Experts - There are tons of good SEM info online for
DIY'ers.  Check out current hot SEM topics at places such as sphinn.com,
seomoz.org, searchengineland.com, etc.  Don't be afraid to comment, ask
questions, and participate in the conversation!  If you're in a time
crunch, hire a reputable company, such as
http://www.seoinc.com/search-engine-marketing-services/ that provide
Search Engine Marketing Services appropriate to your needs.
Be Flexible - The search industry is dynamic and you need to be able to
shift along with new rules, new technology, new concepts, etc.  It's
Darwinian; adapt or die! (ok maybe not die, but definitely left behind).
Hope this helps!