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What do I need to install to connect to a remote Oracle server from PHP?
How do I setup and use PHP to connect to a remote Oracle server?

Jan 22nd, 2000 16:45
Nathan Wallace, Matt Herbert, Onno Benschop, Mark Nold

You'll need to have the Oracle Client installed on linux for PHP to 
compile with Oracle support. Otherwise no connecting :)
You'll only need to install the client libraries if your DB is somewhere 
else. Once oracle client is installed, copy tnsnames.ora (this defines 
where a particular db is .. talk to your DBA) from the db server. Make 
sure the tnsnames.ora is correctly installed on your web server, as long 
as the tnslistener is up on the db server you should be able to ping to
it with tnsping (part of the Oracle client stuff).
Once you have a connection etc, you should happily be able to compile