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Why Jodhpur is also known as Golden City of Rajasthan?
Golden City Of Rajasthan
Golden City Travel Guide?

Mar 23rd, 2009 02:57
Roj Merry, engatoo engatoo, alex martin, Info4 india,

Jodhpur - The Golden city of Rajasthan
Jodhpur is also known as Golden City of Rajasthan, the unbelievable
regal grandeur in its many palaces and temples. The regal Mehrangarh
fort a panoramic view of the blue city. Further the magnificent
architecture of the Umaid Bhavan and Jaswant Thada will make your trip
all the more unforgettable.
Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, at the boundary of the
Thar Desert was once the capital of the Marwar state. It was founded in
1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha-chief of the Rathore clan of Rajputs. The city
dominated by the enormous Mehrangarh fort on a rocky hill is charming
with its wealth of historic attractions and colorful markets which
specializes in antiques. It is still one of the foremost centers of
wool, cattle, camels and salts.
Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination featuring several palaces,
forts and temples apart from barren, scenic landscape. The city is
better known as the ‘sun city’ for the bright, sunny weather it
experiences all year. Jodhpur is a land of warm hearted people. Jodhpur
is well connected to all major cities of Rajasthan thus making it the
convenient base point for many travelers. The Old city of Jodhpur is
bounded by thick stone wall. The wall has six huge gates called Nagauri
gate, Merati gate, Sojati gate, Jalori gate, Siwanchi gate and Chand 
Tourist Attractions in Jodhpur
Tourist attractions in Jodhpur testify to the glorious days of the yore
and beckon you to the world characterized by splendor, exquisite
architecture and ethnicity. The tourist attractions in Jodhpur are a
veritable lure for the tourists visiting Rajasthan. For the ultimate
royal Rajasthan experience, Jodhpur is the ideal destination to head 
to. compiles a list of the major tourist attractions in
Mehrangarh Fort – The first thing that will strike you about Mehrangarh
Fort is its imposing turrets and battlements. Perched atop a rugged
150-meter high sandstone hill, the intimidating Mehrangarh Fort
impresses with its chiseled jalis, exquisite friezes, stain glass
windows and colorful mosaics.
Jaswant Thada – Counted as one of the major tourist attractions in
Jodhpur, Jaswant Thada is a royal cenotaph that is marked for its
elaborate and ornate expression of the Rajputana architectural 
Umaid Bhawan Palace – This yellow sand stone building took sixteen 
in its completion and is a wonderful amalgam Edwardian and Rajputana
style of architecture. This mammoth structure has a unique romantic
appeal that enthralls the visitors.
Mahamandir – Featuring prominently among the tourist attractions in
Jodhpur is the Mahamandir that captures attention by its 84 exquisitely
carved pillars that corroborate the superior architectural skill of the
builders. The sculptures chiseled out of stone are yet another reason
why you should visit the temple.
Balsamand Lake & Palace - Overlooking the Balasamand Lake, the 
Palace was envisaged as a summer retreat for the Marwar royalty. The
Balsamand Lake is man made reservoir that was a major source of water
for the entire Jaipur City for a long time.
Shopping in Jodhpur
Jodhpur is the famous destination for exploring the beauty of fort and
palaces. Situated at the edge of the Thar Desert with Jaisalmer on its
west, Barmar, Jalor and Pali on its south, Bikaner on its north, and
Nagaur on the eastern side, , Jodhpur is the second largest city of
Rajasthan. It is indeed a major tourist attraction in the country. And
in this beautiful city apart from basking in the elegance of majestic
forts and palaces, you can also go for shopping as well. So lets see
what are the items that you should go for while shopping in Jodhpur.
To have a delightful experience of shopping in Jodhpur, you must look
for elaborate carved furniture, bright colors, ethnic clothes, 
handicrafts and more. You can actually explore a complete novel world 
rustic charm, traditional magnificence and rich crafts. The handloom
houses, roadside stalls and vibrant street bazaars in Jodhpur specially
store all these and more for you.
On shopping spree in Jodhpur you can buy amazing mirrors, sequins,
beads, lehengas, turbans, lahariya and bandhini printed clothes and
opulently carved wooden furniture along with unimaginably extensive
variety of handicrafts.
To make shopping in Jodhpur an unforgettable experience, don’t forget 
make a visit to Sankhala Handloom, Salawas Durry Udyog, Thar Handloom,
National Handloom Corp.
However, if you want to buy hand embroidered mojris or traditional
Jodhpur shoes then do check out Mochi Bazaar. But if you are looking 
bright ethnic colored clothes then the Kapra Bazaar is a must visit
place. Here you will get wide variety of bandhini, tie and dye 
and block prints.
From head to toe, you can buy anything in Jodhpur. You can truly adorn
yourself with color and passion. However, if you want something for 
kitchen too then again Jodhpur is the best place as it adds spice to
your culinary experiences. You can purchase Mathaniya's red chili that
is quite famed for its deep red color.