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Where Can I Go On a Camel Safari in Rajasthan?
Camel Safari in Rajasthan?
Some Terrific Locations for The Camel Safaris ?

Mar 18th, 2009 07:37
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Rajasthan evokes you the thrilling adventures of a Camel Safari Tours,
which takes you through the vast sandy desert.
The camel, popularly known as the ship of the desert, is not only 
in the Thar desert or other parts of royal state Rajasthan, but also 
only means of transportation in remote areas of the towns and cities.
The safari is organised to take one through the golden sands of the 
Thar desert and untamed countryside, enabling one to experience the 
gone by when time drifted at a leisurely pace. The rolling landscape of
the sand & shrub covered area is breathtakingly beautiful and the range
of flora and fauna surprisingly large for a desert area.
Adventures On The Back of Camel
The most interesting means of exploring the desert in the various parts
of Rajasthan is on a camel safari. A number of enticing safaris are
organised on the sand dunes of Rajasthan, which gives you a closer view
of the remote villages, that survive in the vicinity. Ride through the
sandy tracks and pitch your tent, everyday on a new location is none
other than a adventurous pioneers for travellers. Spend memorable
evenings with the warmth of campfire and with the pomp of folk dance.
Once you start exploring the various sights and sounds of desert, which
is surprisingly well populated and sprinkled with ruins.
You constantly come across tiny fields of millet, girls picking berries
or boys herding flocks of sheep or goats. The latter are always fitted
with tinkling neck bells and, in the desert silence, it's music to the
ears. Camping out at night in the Sam sand dunes, huddling around a 
fire beneath the stars and listening to the camel drivers yarns can be
quite romantic for young travellers. The camel drovers know every
pasture, waterhole and village of the region. One can ride or walk 
leisurely with the safari and enjoy the desert scape. The camel carts
are fully equipped and tourists need not bother about comfort in the 
Some Terrific Locations for The Camel Safaris
November to March is the best time to experience mind blowing camel
safaris. Even the tourists, who are running with the shortage of time,
for them a one day, half jeep or half camel safari will cost minimum
around Rs 250 per person. For this you can expect a breakfast of
porridge, tea and toast, and lunch and dinner of rice, dhal and
chapaties pretty unexciting stuff. Whereas if you are more curious to
know the starting points of various enthralling safaris, than start 
Jaisalmer, from where most of the camel safaris begins. Jaipur and
Jaisalmer camels safaris gives you a chance to search the old caravan
routes of the desert.
The beautiful Sam Sand Dunes is located 42 Km away from Jaisalmer, its 
popular safari route for travellers.
Lodhruva is another thrilling safari route, located 15 km near to Sam
Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer.
Another is Amar Sagar in Jaisalmer, located 5 KM away from the city.
Bada Bagh and Chhatris is a awesome place for picnicking and camel
safaris, located 7 KM far from Jaisalmer.
Various camel safaris are also organised at Mool Sagar, which is lying 
KM far from Jaisalmer city.
Other most trilling camel safaris are at Bikaner, lying at a distance 
333 KM from Jaisalmer and the renowned Pushkar Camel Safari is located
246 KM away from Bikaner and 11 km away from Ajmer.
Camel Safari Attractions
No tour to Jaisalmer is complete without experiencing the Sam Sand 
Safaris, which evokes heaven pleasures, located in the heart of Thar
Desert. Camel Safari is one of the most interesting way to explore the
vast sandy desert, as it gives you a glimpse at each and every corner 
the ruins of desert. These camels are decorated with colourful dresses,
thus, gives you a royal feel in the erstwhile princely state Rajasthan.
Pushkar is a must visit spot, if you want to sense the euphoric 
while experiencing the thrilling Camel Safaris. Camels are popularly
known as the ship of desert, as it allows a closer view of the remote
villages, that survive in the womb of a rich cultural heritage. Its a
life time opportunity for tourists to ride over the sand hills and 
your tent, everyday on a new location is none other than a adventurous
pioneers for travellers.
Spend memorable evenings with the warmth of campfire and with the pomp
of folk dance in the colourful soil of Bikaner. Once you start 
the various sights and sounds of desert on the back of camel, is none
other than a adventurous trail for millions of curious travellers.
In Jaisalmer, outside the Amar Sagar Gate, where camel safaris are also
organised, here the tourist can look for Rajasthani handicrafts
emporiums, wooden ornaments and embroidered cushion covers.
Most Preferred Routes
Caravan routes in Thar Desert, If you are seeking a thrilling adventure
for your family and friends, that do not miss the opportunity to try 
famous caravan routes carried out by the desert camels in the heart of
Thar Desert, which offers you life time memories, filled with unmatched
Jaisalmer is one of the biggest Camel Safari Route, full of adventurous
trails, passing through the old caravan routes, ethnic villages,
touching the heart of Thar Desert, on the back of camel is like a dream
come true. Bikaner, Pushkar, Lodhruva, Sam Sand Dunes, are other safari
routes promising some of the most colourful experiences of popular
desert treks.
Organised Tour Itinerary
If it is an organised camel safari your all requirements will be taken
care off whether it is related to food, lodging or sightseeing
itinearary. At Pushkar Fair, tourists can savours the real 
delicacies of Rajasthan, while making a stay in lavish swiss camp
accommodations while on your camel safari tour.
Camel Safari Tips
A tourist must find out regarding the various arrangements provided my
the organizers like accommodation facilities, food arrangements, drinks
and other essentials facilities, before you plan your trip for camel
safaris. As the Camel Safaris are generally arranged in the season of
winters, you will require woolens cloths, sleeping bags, blankets, 
a pair of sun glasses, and winter creams, so as to escape scorching 
do not forget to carry a first aid kit along with other essentials,
which you might needing, while experiencing thrilling safaris.