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Entirely javascript generated pages-what to do so that IE saves the generated page not the one that generated it

Apr 2nd, 2009 06:50
engatoo engatoo, haytham ali, ha mo, Henk-Johan van Rantwijk, Ramana Mokkapati, Harpo Veld, Peter Ned,

i don't think you can do exactly what you want but you can open the
javascript generated page without menubar and toolbar
mywin ='','newwin','menubar=0,toolbar=0')
In this case the SaveAs command will be unavailable and the only way to
save generated page is to right click --> View Source --> save it - it
will be the generated code, not the source of the page that generated
the new window
The above trick does NOT work!! Even after opening a window
with menu/tool bar disabled, we get to save the ORIGINAl code that
generated the HTML.
Usage of <script></script> works for me!
Don't use something like:
<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="../javascript/jscript.js" type=