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What software must a client download and install so I can run a local disk (*.exe) from http page?

Apr 4th, 2008 19:38
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Knud van Eeden, mitsaras ole,

An *.exe file is a program in its own right, it is unlikely that you 
would be able to run in inside a browser window. If the file is a plug 
in, like Adobe Acrobat, then simply installing Acrobat will do this.  
If you want to run a program from your browser then that is simple, you 
dont need any special software for this, you can use HTML. Try 
like this in your web page :
<a href="c:\program files\macromedia\dreamweaver 
(all on one line of course) 
If you have set up your browser correctly the browser wll ask what you 
want to do with type of file, if you click the "Run from Current 
location" button then OK it should run. Of course, if the program you 
want to run is not located at that address, or if it does not exist on 
that computer, then nothing will work. Which leads me to the point of 
this answer, why do you want to do something like this?
--- Knud van Eeden - 18 September 2001 - 16:45 -------------------------
Internet: see also: 
Colin Fraser.. 
To add to my original answer, or parhaps make it a little clearer,
Javascript is not a suitable tool to do what you want to do here, use
Java or C# or PHP Knud has linked to previous responses that offer code
to get what you want to do to happen. Please bear in mind though, a lot
of people will not appreciate you executing programs on their computer.. 
if that is what uo want to do.