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Can I avoid ActiveX security alert if the page is for offline use only (not by renaming to *.hta)

May 22nd, 2009 14:24
John Martin, engatoo engatoo, haytham ali, ha mo, Jean-Bernard Valentaten, Karl Parsons, Colin Fraser, Peter Ned,

Yes, use Netscape.
>Netscape fuckin sucks you dumbass.
This is such a technically brilliant response that I am just
flabbergasted. Could you please elucidate your thoughts a little more
clearly? What does "fuckin sucks" mean? Or perhaps that should just be
"sucks", if you mean it in the traditional manner, that is like a baby
sucking a pacifier, then I must ask what sucking has to do with
anything? If you mean anything else, then I must say that my grasp of
americanisms is not as good as I thought it was. 
As for "dumbass", I take it that this is another americanism, but of
somewhat odious implication, but then, I am just a simple person from
another country unfamiliar with such witticism. 
But the sentence structure is interesting. The first part implies that
"fuckin sucks" is a dual worded insult, yet the follow-up "dumbass"  is
only one word, that is, half the deprecation of the first. Does this
mean that you have reached the limit of your IQ, and therefore can only
 pass insult in a diminishing geometrical progression? 
I am looking forward to further instruction in the cultural nuances 
On a technical note, however, I assure you that I am very serious when 
suggest that the use of a non-Microsoft browser is a good way of
circumventing Microsoft's "security" alerts. I suspect when you write
web pages you dont even bother to test them in Netscape or Opera. How
about using Linux? Do you ever think to test your pages? Think about 
>I'm not american you <snip du to censorship>...</snip>  
What is this?!?! 1993???  Linux?!?!? uhhhh 
Linux........uhhhh yeah.....lets use Linux........cough cough.....
Even though you might not like <snip due to censorship>...</snip>, 
people like to 
use it. Please respect this!!
Anyone who uses Netscape is living in a world where they see 
backwards.  If you like Netscape, you like murder.  If you like 
Netscape, you like war.  If you like Netscape, you like death.  How 
you respect Netscape users.  Plus Netscape is a living hell for web 
I guess you see this a little to tough, comparing NN users to 
is a little far away, don't you think. Of course NN is not easy to 
handle in crossbrowser programming, but one can adapt to that and 
to understand NN techniques and thus make it easier for oneself to 
programm pages that work on NN.
But this is not the right place to state such things as insults and/or 
four-letter-words or discuss the browser-wars. If you want to do so 
into a newsgroup and debate about that (still staying polite please!!).
I'll delete the last few parts of this answer in a few days, so this 
base stays clean.