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What is a good editor for PHP under Windows (and or Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Mac)?

Apr 2nd, 2009 06:25
engatoo engatoo, Rockys rainwal, Raj Aryan, Knud van Eeden, Philip Olson, Mike Roche, Ben Udall, Richard Heyes, Bob Horton, Nathan Wallace,

Because the editor scene is constantly changing/updating please use 
the following resources for finding your favorite PHP text editor.  
Note that just about any text editor these days has PHP syntax 
highlighting available.
Arachnophilia    License: Free (Care-ware)
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Builtin FTP client, supports macros
UltraEdit        License: Sharware, 45 day, $30
Platform: Windows 16 and 32 bit
It has line goto, bracket matching, bookmarks, syntax highlighting,
automatic file type conversion etc.
Very nice shareware with a low price.  Free Vi IMproved for many platforms.  It has a
graphical user interface.
Notetab light    License: Free
Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/NT4
NoteTab Light is extremely powerful.  No syntax highlighting
Programmer's File Editor    License: Free
No homepage, try or
Platform: Windows 3.1/95/98/2000
Edit Plus        License: Shareware, 30 day, $30
Platform: Windows 95/98
It has line numbers, color syntax highlighting, FTP upload/download
opening of a file.  It can handle the syntax for a wide variety of
languages (PHP, Perl, C, HTML) and is extensible for new features etc.
PHPEd            License: Trial-14 day, $299
------------------------------------------------------------- or
Platform: Windows, Linux
NuSphere PHPEd award winning PHP IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) for PHP, provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform for
developing web sites using PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, C++, CSS
style sheets, and HTML. PHPEd also provides streamlined functionality
for debugging code, publishing projects to remote servers through FTP
and WebDAV, working with SOAP servers, and integrating with repository-
based code management systems such as CVS. It supports PHP software
development on all stages including coding, debugging, profiling and
HTML-Kit         License: Free
Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/NT4
Very nice editor, customizable interface, syntax highlighting,
and a lot of other stuff...
ScriptWorx       License: Free
Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/NT4
Version 4 only has single document support, however v5 will
support multiple documents along with many nice features.
Or if you are interested in a unix environment on your windows desktop
(including emacs) then check out the cygwin project...
--- Knud van Eeden - 29 June 2003 - 21:35 pm --------------------------
Links (Overview):
has currently disappeared.
So type e.g. in your browser:
then click the link 'Cached'
to see more information about most of this PHP editors.
Links (alphabetically):
AceHTML Pro (Windows) -
Adobe GoLive (Windows, Mac) -
Amaya (Windows, Unix, MacOS-X) -
Arachnophilia (Windows) -
Arisesoft Winsyntax (Windows) -
ASPEdit (Windows) -
AswEdit (Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD) - http://www.iti.cs.tu-
BBEdit (Mac) -
Beauty++ (Windows) -
Bluefish (Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, OpenBSD, Solaris and Tru64) -
Code-Genie (Windows) -
CoffeeCup (Linux)  -
ConText (Windows) -
CREdit (Windows) -
Crimson Editor (Windows) (general program editor) -
Dev-PHP -
DreamWeaver (Windows) -
DzSoft PHP Editor (Windows) -
EditPlus (Edit+) (Windows) -
EMACS (Windows, Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS-X, MS DOS, NetBSD, 
OpenBSD, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix) -
eNotepad (Windows) -
Epsilon (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2) -
Folding Text Editor (FTE) (Windows console, DOS, OS/2, Linux console 
and an X port for many UNIX'es, including Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP, and 
Cygwin) -
Glimmer (Linux) -
GVim for PHP (Windows, Linux, Unix, VMS, OS/2) -
HAPEdit (Windows) -
HomeSite (Windows) - /
HTML-Kit (Windows) -
Ide.php (Windows, Linux, Unix) -
Jed (Windows, Unix, VMS, MSDOS, OS/2, BeOS, QNX) -
K PHP Develop (Linux) -
Kate (Linux) -
Komodo (Windows, Linux) -
Maguma (Windows) -
MPS HTMLGate XP (Windows) -
Multi-Edit (general program editor) (Windows) -
Namo WebEditor (Windows) -
Notetab light (Windows) -
Pepper (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD) -
PHP Coder -
PHP Lens (Windows) -
PHPEclipse (Windows) -
PHPEd (Windows, Linux) -
PHPEdit (Windows) -
PHPTriad (Windows) - /
Programmer's Notepad (Windows) -
Proton (Windows) -
QaDRAM (like Borland Delphi RAD) (Windows, Linux) -
Quanta+ (Linux) -
SciTE (Windows, Linux, Solaris) -
ScriptWorx (Windows) -
SlickEdit (Windows, Linux, Unix) -
Sokkit (Windows) - /
SourceEdit (Windows) -
Syn (Windows) -
Template Tamer (Windows) -
TextPad (Windows) -
TSE (general program editor) (Windows) -
tsWebEditor (Windows) -
TurboPHP (IDE like Borland Delphi or VisualBasic) (Windows) -
UltraEdit (general program editor) (Windows) -
Vim (Windows, Linux, Unix, VMS, OS/2, Amiga, MacIntosh) -
Weaverslave (Windows) -
Web Tools (Windows) -
Winpad32 (Windows) -
Xorex (Windows, Linux, Unix) -
Zend PHP IDE (Windows, Linux, MacOS-X, FreeBSD, Solaris) -
Zeus (Windows) -