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How do I get PHP to talk to a Win2000 "Default SMTP Virtual Server"?

Oct 24th, 2000 14:10
Martin R.J. Cleaver,

You know, I've worked it out!
Right! To get PHP to send mail to a Win2k Advanced Server box.
Win2k has a Default SMTP Virtual Server that can be made to accept mail 
sent from PHP. 
You need to:
1) Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Services Manager
2) Select Default SMTP Virtual Server.
3) Select Domains
4) Add domains for which you want to receive as type alias.
This will add mail for your box. The mail will probably drop in 
The files are standard Inbox format saved with a .eml extension and can 
be opened by double clicking using Outlook Express.
Note that if you send from a domain called localhost then you need to 
add localhost as an alias as in step 4, above.
This then got Win2k to use the mail command and drop the file into the 
Drop directory!.