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How can i embed a sortable table in an email message?

Apr 4th, 2008 19:48
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Gary Rosner,

This particular question has caught my eye several times so I tried to 
embed a sortable table in an email message and could not do it. (This 
only means I could not do it, not that it could not be done, but that 
is another story.) The main problems I ran into were at what point does 
the table need to be sorted at and what fields does the table need to be 
sorted on. However the main trouble I have considered is how can I 
control the sort once the document has been sent?  Obviously I can't, 
but the user can, so am I really comfortable with the idea of giving the 
user such control? WGAF? 
The obvious answer is simple, why not just offer the data and let the  
user sort it out for themselves?