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How can I backup a MySQL database through PHP only?
Can I backup my database using PHPMyAdmin?
Is it possible to create a PHP script to backup a mySQL database?
Is it possible to create a PHP script to backup a mySQL database?

Jul 2nd, 2000 16:22
Philip Olson, Nathan Wallace, Kevin Edwards, Kevin Yank

Try phpMyAdmin: 
As well as a great tool for administering your MySql database, it allows
you to download a dump of the entire database through your web browser.
To do it the old manual way, do this :
   mysqldump -u username -p dbname > dumpname.sql
it'll prompt you for your password & create a dump called dumpname.sql  
If you're not doing this locally then you wanted to do this :
   mysqldump -h source.host.name -u username -p dbname > dumpname.sql
Now, to put this back into a database, do this :
   mysql -u username -p dbname < dumpname.sql
And in case you're putting this in a new database, first create one 
like this :
   mysqladmin -u username -p newdbname
And remember, if you're not doing this locally, add the -h stuff.