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Can I test php scripts on NT4 w/o server software?

Nov 12th, 2000 18:30
Kelson Vibber, Joe Gabig,

Depends on what you consider "server software."  If you're willing to 
install PHP, you can run scripts from the command line or by associating 
the filetype with php.exe - the trick is that you'll get the output in a 
DOS box, and you'll need to (a) crank up the scrolling buffer and (b) 
copy the text, paste it into a file, and open the file in a browser.  If 
you really want to go this route, you'll probably want to write up a 
batch or other script that runs php, sends the output to a file, then 
opens a browser to that file.
Otherwise you'll need to have some sort of web server installed, even if 
it's locked down to only allow access from your own machine.  Apache on 
Windows is a much smaller download than IIS, as configurable, free, and 
if it's not as stable as the Unix version yet, it's certainly stable 
enough for testing purposes.