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How do I force the browser to go back two pages in the history when the user hits the back button?
how can i grey out my browsers "Back" button?

Jan 12th, 2001 09:55
Juergen Thelen, Noelle Canfield,

You cannot control/influence the default function of the browsers back 
button, because the functionality of this button is controlled by the 
browser itself (internally)...
What you can do is to hide the complete menubar, but you'll need to 
have UniversalBrowserWrite privilege and appropriate signed scripts 
(for NN4), or signed active-x controls (IE4/5), respectively.
To learn more about NN4 script signing check:
Sorry, lost the URL leading you to an appropriate signed active-x 
control (madcow or meadco company, or something like that)... :O(
Maybe someone remembers the URL and will post it here...
Anyways, after hiding the browsers menubar you're in control, so you 
can send back the user two pages in history using a simple
Btw, another approach worth a try would be to open a new window w/o 
menubar/toolbar and close the old one... ;O)
Hth, Juergen