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How can I write text on an angle over another image based upon what the user enters through an HTML form.

Apr 4th, 2008 19:54
ha mo, Wes Rogers, Jean-Bernard Valentaten, Colin Fraser, Robert Pasenko, http://www.pupius.net/articles/filters.htm

> Firstly, , do you think that maybe you are being a little unrealistic 
> in your expectation of what can and cannot be done in Javascript? 
> Second, prepare responses as transparent gifs, place these gifs into 
> hidden divs that overlay the form and depending upon a predetermined 
> answer make one of the divs visible.
> I suspect that you could be looking at something like a stamp effect, 
> perhaps a "Rejected" or "Approved" type of thing. This looks good 
> ands is a very imaginative idea, but the overlay really needs to be 
> an image. To create it in Javascript is unlikely.
Sorry Colin, but I have to correct you here. As far as I remember 
Martin Honnen has already answered a question like this. So it must be 
The source URL will give you the code you need to solve this problem.
Look down under Appendix A. The code will let you rotate anything 
within a <div> to te desired angle. Give your text a clear background. 
The only tricky part would be positioning it correctly after you have 
rotated it. I hope this was helpful.