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May 22nd, 2009 01:00
Casino Vendor Directory, http://www.onlinepokerreviewdirectory.com/

Here are many different varieties of "Video Poker" machines currently
available in major casinos. All of them are based on a singularly simple
premise; the  Five Card Draw. Casino accountants found that casinos made
as much as 80% of their profits from slot machines and only 20% from the
Table Games - quite a stunning conclusion at the time. Consequently, an
enterprising gaming inventor came up with the idea of using Poker, the
grand old American card game, as a basis for a computerized slot
machine. Almost overnight the Video Poker phenomenon was born. By
introducing Video Poker, the casinos could immediately offer something
new, simple, and entertaining, something everyone could play without
feeling intimidated by the old casino gamblers and owners. As a side
note, sometimes casinos and web sites will offer an incentive, such as a
poker bonus or a free house credit to get you to try out their casino.
Even casinos in Las Vegas sometimes offer free slot play to lure new
people through the door. Plus, now many casinos are offering poker
tournaments to bring up excitement levels of this great game. You can
find news and updates from the major poker tournaments, including World
Poker Tour events and the World Series of Poker.
Video Poker is probably the simplest interactive gambling game now
available. It is an interactive game because you can choose which cards
you will keep and which cards you will throw away in the draw. In the
Five Card Draw poker game you are first dealt five cards. You then have
the choice of keeping any or all of them, or throwing away all of them.
For each card you throw away, you get another to replace it. The object
is to improve your Hand, (the final set of five cards you decide to
keep), and make it into a winning hand. On such a Video Poker machine,
you begin play by inserting your coins, or Bills in the machine. Almost
all Video Poker machines take from one the five coins. The only
exception are the $5, $25, and the $100 Video Poker machines, which can
take two or three coins as a Maximum. You can only win the jackpot, the
top prize, by playing the maximum coins allowed on the machine you are
After you receive the first five cards, a row of buttons on the machine
lights up, usually with the word Hold written on it. These buttons are
used to keep the cards you wish to hold. There are five buttons, one for
each of the five cards you have been dealt. When you press any one of
the hold buttons, the word Held will appear above or below the card. In
effect, you have chosen to keep the card. Pushing the button simply
tells the machine what your decision is. You can hold any one, two,
three, four, or all five cards, as you wish. Once you decide, press the
Deal button to continue the hand. The machine keeps the cards you
selected and throws away the rest, and deals you replacement cards for
the ones you didn`t hold. If you win the machine pays you automatically
and the hand is over. Most machines pay on Credits, if your win is five
coins the machine displays the word Winner: and runs up the amount of
five coins on the Credit Meter. If you win thirty coins, the message
will say, Player Paid 30, and so on. You can play the next hand by using
your credits. Simply press the Bet button, once for one coin, twice for
two coins, and so on; or touch the Play Maximum Coins button, the
machine will automatically deduct five credits and automatically deal
the next game. With the credit-meter option, when you win, the machine
adds the credits; and when you lose, subtracts the amount. To collect
your credit balance, you press the Collect button and the machine will
pay you by dropping your coins in the tray.