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Dynamic tootips(javascript) appear BEHIND ComboBoxes but in FRONT of all other elements. Can this be overcome? jle

Mar 15th, 2003 23:26
Yuriy Fuksenko, John Eichenlaub,

In NS6.2+ this issue should not exist.
In IE5.5+ you can avoid it by one of the following:
1.Change your tooltip to put DIV's or SPAN's into IFRAME, and size that 
IFRAME to fit menu. For some reason IFRAME is the only element, that 
appears on top of SELECT.
2. Write (or copy) your own SELECT element, using DIV's. The one on 
this example works for IE5.5+ and NS6.2+:
3.I think it works for IE4+ - if tooltip should appear on top of 
select, hide select using style.visibility="hidden"