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How do I entirely or partially delete a layer in NN4 so its memory can be freed up to use for something else?

May 14th, 2009 12:25
tikane tinjane, ha mo, Iván Rivera, Guest,

You can dereference an object (whose memory may then be reclaimed by the
garbage collector) by assigning it to null ("myObject=null"), or by
applying the delete operator to it ("delete myObject"). However, layers
in NN4 are a permanent part of the HTML code, thus they can't be
disposed of. Remember that NN4 only allows modifications to the page
code in loading time, and that every piece of HTML you write (with
document.write()) appears and behaves like if it was hardcoded.
All you can do is hiding them (with
document.layername.visibility='hide'), but that doesn´t help since the
layers are still there for all counts--except that they can't be seen.
Hope it helps...