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I am using PHP4. I used to draw gifs in PHP3, but now I get an error (i think because PHP only supports PNGs). What should I do?

Feb 19th, 2008 22:06
dman, Articles Hosting, Dan Stockton, Chris Hester, Noah Blumenthal, http://www.ttnr.org

From the PHP Manual: "The format of images you are able to manipulate 
depend on the version of gd you install, and any other libraries gd 
might need to access those image formats. Versions of gd older than gd-
1.6 support gif format images, and do not support png, where versions 
greater than gd-1.6 support png, not gif"
The answer is to create png now, not gif. There doesn't look like any 
(get an earlier version -1.6.2- of the gd lib)